quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015


Hello everybody! Today is the first day of 2015! YEWW!! 
I am really excited to start this year with willpower to continue to follow my dreams and try to accomplish them! Nothing better to start than great and inspiring words from my favourite books, favourite people, I try to find positivity on things I love and provide me with good energy! 

So I am expecting real things about this year. I want to do things that the past year I couldn't do. 

Some of my goals this year are:

  • Better progress in dance
  • Do something I have never done
  • Take the driving license ( yes, I have almost 18 and in my country, teenagers can only take the driving license with 18 years old)
  • Summer roadtrip with friends ( this is one of my top wishes of forever!)
  • Having my first real job
  • Having my first salary
  • Become a youtuber and a better blogger ( I really want to get into this youtube and blog industry because I really love talking to you people and have this connection between me and people all around the world)
  • Travel 
  • Go to university
  • Make my first dance video (one of my top wishes of forever as well)
  • Play piano again
  • Become a better cook
  • Have a healthier schedule
  • Learn how to surf...
I have lots but LOTS of wishes and I'll try to accomplish all of them! 
So will you! Write your goals in a blank sheet and keep it safe inside one of your favourite book, or diary anything that is important to you and try to sometime just look at it once or twice and think how can you do that, make your own plans. 

Believe you will get it! New Year, New You!

Sweet 2015 and enjoy every second!

xoxo <3