segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2015

OSCARS 2015 | The best Dressed

Hello everyone. 
Yesterday was the time for Oscars! Let me just say congratulations to all of those Oscar winners! You deserved it!
Now let's talk about fashion, we're going to talk about the best dressed people which moved the red carpet. 
The color that stood out on the red carpet of the Oscars this year was white and voted the favorite color of the Oscars 2015.
Now I am gonna show you some of my favourites dresses:


Reese Witherspoon

She looks gorgeous with that dress by Tom Ford. I love the two black bands at the waist and shoulders. Very classic!

Jennifer Lopez

This one is totally on my top favourites. Is this fantastic J-LO dress by Elie Saab. I simply love the nude color,  and look how long it is, it is like a princess dress. A little sparkle on her neckline and a perfect silhouette! Love It

Scarlett Johansson

Although the lighter colors had their highlight, I loved some dress colors just like Scarlett dress made by Versace! It's a beautiful emerald green and that necklace looks amazing on her. Really pretty combination! Stunning as always

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer on her Versace dress. Baby pink color and the dress cut on the leg is really cute! Sparkling dress!

Lupita Nyong'o

Calvin Klein Collection that Lupita's wearing! A simple white dress covered in bright white! She looks fabulous and classy into this dress!

The beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, she looks stunning on that baby pink dress by Ralph & Russo Couture.  A dress with a long sleeve and that  little rose at her shoulders it's just amazing and cute! Gorgeous outfit for the red carpet, one of my top favourites!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Which are your favorites? Let me know
xoxo <3

sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2015


Hello guys! As the hottie of the week today we have one of the cutest guys ever and funniest too and also he is one of my favourite dancers of all time. From "Mos Wanted Crew" and "Puswood" with the amazing Ian Eastwood (ahahha) we have:


What do you think Ladies?
Is he the cutest or not? ahahha
xoxo <3

sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2015

Outfit Of The Day | H&M


Today the whole outfit is based on H&M store!
Definitely on my wish list

1 - Long Dark Jacket : 59,99€
2 - Wide Sweater (V): 24,99€
3 - Super Stretch Trousers : 19,99€
4 - Black Platform Boots: 34,99€
5 - Bag Bag Style: 24,99€
6 - Sunglasses: 6,99€

domingo, 15 de fevereiro de 2015

Favourite Memories With My Friends

Happy Sunday to everyone (even though I am sick!). Well guys, today I bring you some of my best memories with my friends. Everyone has those crazy memories about crazy things that you did with your besties! Today, I would like to share with you some of my best memories with my homies!

Memory 1:


My 17th birthday last year! After rehearsals for "Escoliadas", I made a sleepover at my house with this ladies. We made dinner, we laugh, we watched movies, we sang, we danced, we had an amazing night! And when turned midnight they scared me screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me ahahah. They are insane! 

Memory 2:


After sleepover at my house, this girl and I went to our second show at "Escoliadas" with the rest of the crew. At my birthday I went to rehearsals for the event and I was completely surprised by my team mates with a cake they made for me and they sang happy birthday to me at the rehearsals room and then after that I started playing a joke with my team mates saying that they had to sing me happy birthday on stage next day and I wanted a cake and balloons and candies and they started laughing! The next day, the show day, we finished dancing and was almost the end of the show, the time for "thank you" to the people that supported us and was our turn to thank and suddenly my bestie that you see on the left, she asks for the microphone to my teacher and she started talking to the crowd ( almost 300 people in the crowd ) and she ask them to sing to me happy birthday and the whole room, those 300 people started sing happy birthday to me! It was crazy, I started crying inside, I was really happy! This girl is crazy! Love yah chummy, you gave me an unforgettable birthday! Thank you <3

Memory 3:


These were three of my dance mates of my school and we went to the nationals representing our school and those two days were incredible with lot of fun! We went to the beach, we slept all together and they started pranking some people, we made new friendships! They are incredible! I miss you all!

Memory 4:


When we are rehearsing and preparing everything for the show, we are crazy, we laugh more than any day at a normal week. This day was at the day when we were preparing the wearing clothes for the show! We wear all clothes and started to take pics and painting the clothes... ahahha crazy!

Memory 5:

After Nationals we had to be in the replay of "Escoliadas" the next show in 1 hour and then we traveled by car at high speed to get to show the time and we act! During the trip, we had to get dressed and then we were all dressing in the car, clothes flying everywhere and we did not care who was watching us dressing! ahhah Completely insane!

Memory 6:


I used to plan some sleepovers at my house with all these people! One day I planned a sleepover at my house and we were 7 people in a room! It was during summer and I had a swimming pool on my yard and at midnight we went to the pool and then we laid on the floor watching the stars above and telling stories and jokes! It was really fun! 

Memory 7:


This event are the best part on high school because we can do what we love to do, that is dancing, acting and "Escoliadas" is the best event ever on high school! I love the moments I have with my team mates and being on that show and that stage is the best feeling ever!
I talk about "Escoliadas" in some posts back so if you want to know a bit more about this event Click Here

These are some of my favourite memories with my friends! I have so many more but I would be hours telling you every story with them!
Do you have some favourite memory and you would like to share with me? Let me know then, write down below you favourite memory with your friends
Hope you liked it
xoxo <3

sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2015

Happy Valentine's Day | All The Single Ladies

Hello ladies! So today is Valentine's Day and I have to say I don't think this day is an important one, because everyday is Valentine's Day, and today it is not just for couples, it is about show your feelings to person you love and the people you love! Spread love yall!

But today, I am talking about all THE SINGLE LADIES out there, who didn't find their prince yet and they are staying at home alone! As me :D Don't be sad ladies because Valentine's could be the perfect day for you to take care of yourself. Here it is some things you can do today:

  • Offer flowers to yourself - The perfect gift from yourself to your best self :D 
  • Watch movies - take your afternoon to watch those movies you didn't had time to watch
  • Play your favourite playlist in your room and dance - a great way to spread all it out, you can laugh or cry while you're dancing
  • Time for skin care - it is time to take a moment by taking care of your skin, hair, nails...
  • Make Facetime with your besties - if you don't have the opportunity to be with them, Facetime is the best way to be in contact with those crazy friends!
  • Prepare a special snack just for you - strawberries with chocolate and pancakes with your favourite syrup, chocolate cake, coffee, etc. 
  • Take selfies of what you're doing - show people that you know how to spend Valentine's Day and that you don't need a boy to spend this day with.
  • Write to your friends and family -Text, write a letter saying to them how much you love them!

It's okay being alone on a day like today! Because love will appear when the perfect moment come, and I like to think that "Love finds us when we stop try being perfect". 

Happy Valentine's Day ladies! Smileeeee :D

segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2015

Escoliadas | The Best Part About High School

Okay guys, today I decided to talk about a huge event here in my city that includes all of the high schools here! It is kind of a competition between them and the winner will win a cash prize to help the school in school supplies that need. However, it is not just a simple competition, we spend time to dedicate on things we love to do. This competition evaluates various categories: music/dance , acting , paint, presentation and cheerleader group! We spend a whole year thinking about our project, we have to decide a topic we think it have to be focused and we just have to interpret and show the audience our vision according the selected topic. It can be anything, for example, my school last year chose "blindness" and addresses the problems of humanity to be blind to reality! With our effort and dedication, my school managed to win the edition of 2013 and 2014 and we expect more dedication and motivation for this year. 

As I was saying, this is not just a competition, it is much more than that! More than 20 schools are competing with each other but more than that they make friends, they find new friendship which only "Escoliadas" can give! The feelings we have before, during and after the event are the best feelings we ever had! I love those stress before the show at night, with all the rehearsals with the production team and with the other schools and just being on that stage and looking for the empty chairs, it is the best sensation a performer can feel. The pressure of getting dressed and make up and making sure it is all in their right places and the last check on choreography... Then we have a moment when all schools get together into a room and we are meeting each other with games that the production does for us to meet all. After dinner is when the pressure is bigger and I really love that time because I don't know what I have to do, if I laugh, if I cry, I am totally lost ahah! And then is our turn to get into the stage and the curtains down and the crowd screaming the last words of motivation between our team, we hold hands and say those few words that are a few but are inspirational! We are in our position and suddenly the music starts and the magic happens. 

So I really have to thank "Escoliadas" for everything they do because for me it is the best part of high school and I am excited the whole year just for this event and this year is my last :( So I am going to enjoy it as much as I can and I won't forget these moments! Thank you

If you want to check our choreography click down here:

xoxo <3

domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2015


Here in Portugal, still missing 6 days for the movie release but "Fifty Shades Of Grey" is the most awaited film so far and I almost saw the trailer I don't know how many times but I am pretty excited to see this movie and...I think you already know who I'm going to talk about and nominate the hottie this week! :D
Interpreting Christian Grey here it is...


 xoxo <3

Monday-Friday Outfit | Leather Jacket

Hi Girls! So today I brought to you some cool ideas for outfits during the week.
BUT, I am going to detach just only a clothing piece which I think you can wear it all week with different outfits for a Monday-Friday wardrobe. So I am really obsessed with leather jackets right now, they are just fashion and a simple piece of clothing! Black and white these are my color selection.

Let's see some examples of outfits you can match during your week.
Photos from


You can use a leather jacket with some sweaters and black jeans and some black high boots, for a "cold day look"! Is really cute :D And you can also add some really cool jewelry, maybe rings but simple, not too extravagant, a cute scarf of grey tones and  a black hat. Awsome!

As you can see in this picture! I love this look. It is pretty natural and simple. The hat with three different colors, they match perfectly with the rest of the outfit. A cute beige sweater and a grey scarf. And you can add a leather jacket, it will look great!


Leather jackets looks also amazing with dresses! As you can see here, the model is wearing a black jacket with a black dress and black boots. The sunglasses and the small wallet look great with the outfit. 

My style: I would wear the black jacket with a cute white dress and black boots on a sunny day! At winter, you can wear those dresses with winter colors: grey, boudoir, blue and brown...with a hat or just with my hair braiding (well, but with my curly hair, it is difficult doing it). Using a scarf (because scarves are one of the accessories you wear everyday and look perfectly in any outfit) in tones of grey or white... you can match with the dress color you have!
Be creative ;)


This is a lighter outfit! With clear blue jeans with sneakers and a simple white shirt and sunglasses. I love this outfit as well! If you want to turn this outfit in winter outfit, you have to add this winter election pieces which are scarves, sweaters, boots and caps.

My style: I would match the blue jeans with a white sweater just to replace the white shirt, I would wear black or brown boots, a black leather jacket of course and my favourite sunglasses and scarf as well.


Thursday and if it is a sunny day and not to cold, you can use the leather jacket with a simple long-sleeve sweater, a skirt and high boots! 

My style: I would wear a leather jacket with the simple long-sleeve grey, white or dark red sweater, with a black skirt and high black boots! Of course I love scarves so I would add it in the outfit and tights under the skirt because it is cold!!


And last but not least, Friday and you can wear shorts with tights! With a great shirt and boots! It is simple but classy and if you could add some jewelry and cool sunglasses it will be perfect! 

So there you have it! I hope you like it and I would like to know if you would wear those outfits and which is your favourite alright?
Let me know your opinions :D

xoxo <3

quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2015

Just LAUGH Moments

I created this section just to share with you some cool and funny videos on youtube! Because I am very obssessed on seeing these kind of videos, we need to laugh more, people are to serious, they need a little action, the need to smile more! So I decided to show you some of my favourite videos and I would like to know your favourites! Please share your opinions with me, I want to know what makes you laugh! :D

So this is some videos I am completely insane for this week! Check them out!

My top favourite video this week is this right here by the youtuber "SUPERWOMAN"

ahahah great isn't it?

And next we have the amazing youtuber "YOMUSCLEBOII", and bofriend of one of my inspirations in dance. He is super funny, believe me! Check This

ahahahhah super funny I told yah

I've been watching this all week! Did you like it?
Comment below and let me know your favourite videos!
xoxo <3