sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015


Well Hello pretty people!
I'm sorry for not posting recently but I had a few crazy weeks not only dedicated to getting to uni but also dedicated to expand my dance knowledge so I got my pass for this contemporary summer course with the one and only Liliana Garcia, the winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 2 Portugal! 
I went with my friends from the dance academy and I really had a great time! She is stunning, a great teacher and a very nice girl! Also she is very demanding but is being demanding that she won the show right? 

I made a few things there that I've never thought I could do! She had a great connection with us and she knew how to share her passion about dance and her thoughts about it which amazed me. She inspired me to continue to dance, she fueled my passion for dance even more! I am now obsessed with contemporary dance style and I am practising my stretches, which is a thing that I should have started earlier but...I'm pretty confident about it. Actually I got a calendar with my "to-do" list so I have a control that what I did and what I still have to do and it's how it works people, if you want to reach THAT goal, you just gotta do what it takes to reach it like controlling yourself for not giving up - self control people!