sábado, 1 de agosto de 2015


Hello guys! Hope you're having a great day/night!
Today I bring you just some new updates about last week!

I went shopping last week and I finally got my leather jacket that I wanted so much... I bought it at Stradivarius for 39,99€ and it's absolutely incredible, I love it! :)

Then I went to Zara store and I bought a great white scarf, very soft and warm, because I don't need more summer clothes and....I know it's sounds weird but I'm already preparing for winter outfits so I'm trying to figure some cool outfits for winter because it's what I need the most - winter clothing! I bought it for 12€

And the latest products are these amazing flash tattoos, I couldn't get the official flash tattoos but I bought these at Stradivarius as well for 3,95€ and I'm pretty satisfied with these tattoos! Now I'm obsessed with them! LOOK!!
And finally, this week I received from LR Beauty Products this fantastic pressed powder that cost 7,99€

Amazing products!
xoxo <3