domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015


Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well

So today I've decided to talk about a serious thing: Some of you, like me, are starting classes at university and is here where we need higher concentration, harder work and high attention. And some of us, like me, with all the work we need to do or when we are in a different city meeting new people we get nervous about all of that and here is when our nervous system begins to act like in a crazy way! In my case, with my nervous system acting crazy, I can't talk with people, I blush A LOT and that's embarrassing, I want to cry all the time and hide from the world. That is absolutely terrible and I can't live with this nervousness problem because it affects my day routine and life, so I decided to take some steps to calm my nervous system and getting more of controll on this situation! So if you are in the same situation as me, you can read my advices:

1. Every time you get nervous, just take a deep breath and close your eyes for 2 seconds;

2. Next, concentrate your energy in the middle of your head;

3. While you're concentrating on the of your head, move that energy to your heart and try to slow down your heartbeat! If you're asking me how you do it?: you know that your heart is beating really fast so imagine the heartbeat slowing down really slow. And try to breath slower as well, it will help on this exercise!;

4. Then, just relax and relax your body;

5. And last, just say to yourself, you can do it, you are powerful! Try to keep always your positivism high so it will help you to take back the lead!

Hope this can help you if you're sharing the same problem as me! 
xoxo <3