terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014


2014 is ending and we all like to remind our best moments and make a wish list for the new year! 

Personally, 2014 was insane, it took lots of changes, new experiences and many doors open. 
Some of my high moments this year were for example I finally met one of my biggest idols, Mr. Cody Simpson, I went to his show and it was absolutely crazy and fun, I loved it aha! I made progresses in dance, I met lot of fantastic people, new experiences such as living alone during 2 days at the big city, it was good because it made me meet the real world outside so I gained a different vision of the world. Lot of tears as well because not all moments were happy, I had lots of sad moments too but as I like to think, this bad moments make us stronger, they are lessons and help us being a different person, that in the future is ready to meet the world and make decisions by himself. 

Althought, I want 2015 to be the best year of my life and I think I feel it is going to happen because next year is going to be, hopefully, my last year at highschool and moving to university! And I like to say I'm a criative person, I like to create things, imagining them on my mind and making a little "draft" of my steps in the future! So I will try to make my projects reality this year and making my dreams reality as well! So will you right? Fight for your wildest dreams!

So I have to say, for me I describe 2014 in 5 words with: #change #crazy #faith #lessons #vision

And you? How do you describe your 2014? What are your 5 words for 2014?
Comment below, I really would like to know! :)

Happy New Year to everyone!
xoxo <3

.is coming...

segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014


Hey everyone! I'm really sorry for not posting this days but my mom is in town so I spent Christmas with her and the whole family! Did you all enjoyed Christmas day? Lots of presents?

I'll post my Christmas Haul, just to show you a little more about my gifts this year!

So Christmas: Check! Next we have NEW YEAR!

Have you done the wish list for the new year?
The company? If it is that giant group of your best friends or if it is with THAT person?
And most importantly? Have you decided what to wear?
Don't worry, because I am gonna help you on this! ahah

So this is my favourite outfits for New Year's Eve! (pictures from WeHeartIt.com)


These are my top 4 of favourite dresses to wear. My top colours this year are black, gold,blue and white. You can use simple but cute dresses as the first and the last dress on this picture. They are very simple but they have a simple class touch, very soft and not too short. And we can also wear a  dress with a little bit of more sparkles just to keep that attention in the crowd ehhe! I love the long sleeves and the fact that enhance body forms is fantastic.
You can add your favourite acessories, your favourite jacket, favourite heels and bag, rings and necklaces, you can tight your hair or let it down, you can smooth your hair or let it be simple! It is just takes your criativity. 


Then we have my top 3 outfits, but simple! A beautiful black jumpsuit with a great classy white jacket, a simple top and a gold and sparkle shorts with a long and warm coat and a gold and sparkle shirt with dark jeans and a leather jacket! My favourite combinations! At the same time they are classic and feminine but they have a touch of simplicity, not to fancy! And as you know, the best acessories just to conclude this outfit is important because they reflect your style, so keep it you!

So there you have it! My top outfits for a great New Year's Eve:)
Hope you liked it! 

xoxo <3

domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014



                                                                                                  BRENTON THWAITES

Girls! Have you seen the movies "Blue Lagoon", "Maleficent" and "The Giver"?~

Well this young boy is the new hottie of this week!

I saw the film "Blue Lagoon" about a week ago and this boy was pretty familiar to me! 
Then I found out he was the same actor that the prince of Maleficent and then I found out he was in " The Giver".

Must confess, my heart just melted! He is so cute!

sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2014



The amazing  portuguese football player who is considered the worlds' best football player just announced his partnership with a portuguese brand name Sacoor Brothers. So excited to see what they are preparing for us!

quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2014


Hey girls! 
Christmas is almost here and we want to be in our best to have the greatest time with our family. 
Here it is some ideas for christmas dinner outfits and comfy outfits to spend a great time in family!

These are my favourite outfits for a great Christmas dinner. You can add a warm jacket and a pretty necklace. It will keep the outfit simple but classy. 

 Then we have the outfit after dinner or the day after Christmas because I spend two days with my family, day 24 and 25. And at the day 25, I like to wear a comfy outfit and if you do the same, these are my favourite examples for that. I love this warm leggings, there are very comfortable, it's like you are wearing a pajama pants! You can find these cute leggings at Primark at 10EUROS and the sweaters at also Primark and H&M for 15/20 EUROS And then you add a cute sweat to your outfit, some warm shoes and you are ready to spend a really lazy afternoon with your family eating lots of sweets and drinking hot chocolate :D YEWWW

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed it.
I would like to know your favourite outfits for Christmas time. Let me know and comment your best ideas if you want to :D

Merry Christmas everyoneeeee!!

xoxo <3

quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2014


Does it hurts? It makes you happy? It makes you feel weak? It makes you feel the strongest person in the world? Yes...And when you feel it, it means that you are human! 

You are alive if you are capable to feel. 
When you walk and you feel the wind, when you cry  when you laugh  when you love  you can feel it in your skin, and then you close your eyes and you can feel the world breathing as the same rhythm as you. The most powerful feelings makes us think how grateful we are for being alive, for having this opportunity to live, to have this amazing chance to make a difference, to showing the world that you exist. 

For me, my wildest dream would be to fly! Since I was little I liked to watch birds flying because they were so elegant and free when flying. I watched them in the late afternoon when the sun went down, I sat in my slide in the home garden and climbed up there and I felt on top of the world, and it fascinated me because it seemed I could see the whole world there. I felt the connection between the sky and the earth. On summer evenings, also liked to lie down on the floor outside with a blanket and just look at the stars and thought if I could go straight, would be able to meet those stars. I also believed that the star that shone more represented our biggest dream and if that star were the only one in the sky, it meant hope that one day I would be able to reach it. It was also said to me that the stars symbolized a family of ours, so when my grandmother died I always looked at the stars and talked as if she were listening to me, like I was right next to her and talking to her as if she could hear. I thought that if I could always fly, I could go every night join her in that star and that she would always be waiting for me with open arms. 

Unfortunately we can't fly. That would be amazing but we can't. We are God's inventions the natures' children so we belong to earth. 
However, I found out one way to make me fly not literally fly, but to give me that feeling again. And that was when I found Dance and Music. 
When I started dancing I started to feel free and all the other feelings that were very similar to that sensation I felt about flying. That was the best thing I could learn, learn how to dance because now this days dance is my second world, my refuge where I can be myself and talk about all things but with body. I feel like someone is watching me and through my movements and body expressions they can know what I am feeling. I feel I can cry, I can laugh, I can ask everything, I can do anything and no one will judge or even talk about it. Most of the time my hardest decisions are made when I am dancing or when I am listening music and close my eyes and think. 

Every human should have that second familiar space, that refuge when they could express themselves without the worlds' judge. Where they could feel safe and happy doing what they love!

Find your own second world, your world, create it, make it your own! You can't just live on this world, you must create a new one where you can find strength and positivity to help you to live every second of this life and enjoy it and it also will help you find yourself.


xoxo <3

quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014


I just have to present you one of the hottest man alive and...made in Portugal! Today girls, the hottest is an actor from the portuguese television, and lot of people say that he has some face lines that are very similar to Enrique Iglesias O.O




I'm always on instagram, well most of my time is spended on instagram, so I love seeing the new pictures that my favourite people post.
Here it is some of my favourite instagram accounts that I follow the most:

Alli Simpson

I love her instagram photos because her photos are so vintage and so cool. I love her, I simply love her so much... *.*

Cody Simpson

My little one, I'm totally a huge fan of this men. I saw him about 4 years ago for the first time and since then I've been loving his work untill now and I'm really proud of him. I love his photos, very old vintage and classy.

Sara Sampaio

One of my favourite models in the world and Portuguese as well. We, are so proud of this little women! Can't say more :D

Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson's Girlfriend. She is completely amazing. I have to say that at the first time I knew about her, I didn't like her, and I don't know why, possibly because she started dating with my biggest crush and I think I wasn't the only one who didn't liked her, but I was wrong because I knew her at Cody's concert here in Portugal and she is the cutest person I've ever met, she is so amazing and fun. I love her simple look but classy.

Kylie Jenner

One of the Jenners' family, Kylie has that super rock look and I kinda love that, I must say I love the whole kardashian family and I would like to have their clothes, I would be the most stylish person in my school ahah.


I love Zendayas' comfy but classy style. Zendaya is one of my favourite people in the world.

Chachi Gonzales

My favourite dancer in the whole world of dance. One of my biggest inspirations that is keeping me positive to work hard on what I want. I love her, and I follow her on everything she does, she has been working with big stars as Megan Trainor and Becky G. 

Cameron Dallas

Mister Cameron "Sexy" Dallas, he is one of my favourite people on vine and youtube. I discovered him recently, about a year and a half maybe, but he is amazing and so funny, I really love his videos and vines! Hilarious! 

Ruby Green

Australian, sexy, gorgeous and....beautiful! Love her instagram photos, classy and beachy! She is one of the best friends of Alli Simpson, so both have that beachy and classy style and I love it!

So there you have it, my top 10 favourite people on instagram!
Hope you liked it 

xoxo <3

segunda-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2014


Hello beautifuls out there! Most of my friends ask me all the time how I keep my hair shiny and curly, so I decided to share with you my favourite hair products to help keeping the hair healthy. I have curly hair, and girls who have curly hair must treat their hair really well because with wrong products your hair can lose all the glow and start losing curls.
My favourite hair products are Garnier, Loreal, Kerástase and Tresemé brands.

 1- So first I start to wash my hair with the Garnier shampoo, avocado and shea butter oil for really dry hair because my hair is quite dry.

 2- Then, after the second time washing my hair with shampoo, I use the softener to take nodes and damaged hair. Make sure all your hair is all covered. After taking all the nodes, wait 1 to 2 minutes with the softener on your hair.

 3- After taking the softener off, I use the conditioner and put all over my hair, making sure that is all covered again and just wait more 2 minutes and then you can wash it.

After leaving the bath,  I curl my hair with a towel to remove excess water while I get dressed and have the time for skin care.

Then, when my hair is totally dry, I use Loreal Elvive Oil to give glow to my hair. My hair tips are really dried so I have to apply more oil in it.

Then I go to bed, and at the other day in the morning, just to comb my hair, I can't use brushes, just not to spoil the snails so I use the Tresemé spray to comb my hair without brush.

On summer, I like to use Garnier Fructis style just to give my hair, a little size and glow for the hot days, and keeping my curls defined.

And it's done :)

 xoxo <3
Hope you enjoyed it ;)

sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2014


Hello everyone! Sorry for not being online these past days because I had been busy on school. But today I have to talk about The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London this year with you girls. It was an awesome show and my favourite part was to see our Portuguese girl getting on stage for the second time. Miss Sara Sampaio, I simply love her, she is a huge inspiration for all the Portuguese people and we love her so much, she is one of my favourite models in the world, we are so proud of this young women...! 

I loved her clothes, with that leggins and a yellow crop top from the PINK collection and the Dream Girl Look was all pink and pink wings, Love it! 


 I loved her dress at the after-party on pink carpet. She was stunning!