quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2014


Does it hurts? It makes you happy? It makes you feel weak? It makes you feel the strongest person in the world? Yes...And when you feel it, it means that you are human! 

You are alive if you are capable to feel. 
When you walk and you feel the wind, when you cry  when you laugh  when you love  you can feel it in your skin, and then you close your eyes and you can feel the world breathing as the same rhythm as you. The most powerful feelings makes us think how grateful we are for being alive, for having this opportunity to live, to have this amazing chance to make a difference, to showing the world that you exist. 

For me, my wildest dream would be to fly! Since I was little I liked to watch birds flying because they were so elegant and free when flying. I watched them in the late afternoon when the sun went down, I sat in my slide in the home garden and climbed up there and I felt on top of the world, and it fascinated me because it seemed I could see the whole world there. I felt the connection between the sky and the earth. On summer evenings, also liked to lie down on the floor outside with a blanket and just look at the stars and thought if I could go straight, would be able to meet those stars. I also believed that the star that shone more represented our biggest dream and if that star were the only one in the sky, it meant hope that one day I would be able to reach it. It was also said to me that the stars symbolized a family of ours, so when my grandmother died I always looked at the stars and talked as if she were listening to me, like I was right next to her and talking to her as if she could hear. I thought that if I could always fly, I could go every night join her in that star and that she would always be waiting for me with open arms. 

Unfortunately we can't fly. That would be amazing but we can't. We are God's inventions the natures' children so we belong to earth. 
However, I found out one way to make me fly not literally fly, but to give me that feeling again. And that was when I found Dance and Music. 
When I started dancing I started to feel free and all the other feelings that were very similar to that sensation I felt about flying. That was the best thing I could learn, learn how to dance because now this days dance is my second world, my refuge where I can be myself and talk about all things but with body. I feel like someone is watching me and through my movements and body expressions they can know what I am feeling. I feel I can cry, I can laugh, I can ask everything, I can do anything and no one will judge or even talk about it. Most of the time my hardest decisions are made when I am dancing or when I am listening music and close my eyes and think. 

Every human should have that second familiar space, that refuge when they could express themselves without the worlds' judge. Where they could feel safe and happy doing what they love!

Find your own second world, your world, create it, make it your own! You can't just live on this world, you must create a new one where you can find strength and positivity to help you to live every second of this life and enjoy it and it also will help you find yourself.


xoxo <3