domingo, 4 de outubro de 2015


Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well

So today I've decided to talk about a serious thing: Some of you, like me, are starting classes at university and is here where we need higher concentration, harder work and high attention. And some of us, like me, with all the work we need to do or when we are in a different city meeting new people we get nervous about all of that and here is when our nervous system begins to act like in a crazy way! In my case, with my nervous system acting crazy, I can't talk with people, I blush A LOT and that's embarrassing, I want to cry all the time and hide from the world. That is absolutely terrible and I can't live with this nervousness problem because it affects my day routine and life, so I decided to take some steps to calm my nervous system and getting more of controll on this situation! So if you are in the same situation as me, you can read my advices:

1. Every time you get nervous, just take a deep breath and close your eyes for 2 seconds;

2. Next, concentrate your energy in the middle of your head;

3. While you're concentrating on the of your head, move that energy to your heart and try to slow down your heartbeat! If you're asking me how you do it?: you know that your heart is beating really fast so imagine the heartbeat slowing down really slow. And try to breath slower as well, it will help on this exercise!;

4. Then, just relax and relax your body;

5. And last, just say to yourself, you can do it, you are powerful! Try to keep always your positivism high so it will help you to take back the lead!

Hope this can help you if you're sharing the same problem as me! 
xoxo <3

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015


Hello ladies! Hope you're doing well!
I've been listening some cool music from this young boy, I mean, I already knew him and his music but recently I've been pretty obsessed with his music, like I've been listening his songs every time, it's insane!! So this guy is young, he is 17 years old, from Canada, he has portuguese and english blood and two of my favourite songs of him are "The Weight" and "Stitches" xx

Here it is the hottie of this week :)


segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2015


Welcome back good people!! 
Hope you had an amazing summer! I know I've been a little distant from blog and I'm really sorry for that! Now I am back for more posts this week and I start today with a huge announcement: I am going to university! YES, I've been waiting for this time so long! It is really a relief finishing high school however university includes not only more free time and responsibility but lots of work and time to study! I'm pretty excited and scared at the same time but let's see... xx

Now I know summer vacations is about to end unfortunately, we could be like Phineas & Ferb where Summer is all year ahah but we can't and I'm pretty sad about it!!!!!! So without further do I am gonna show you some essential products that you might need for a great return to high school or college/university. These are some advices that I am actually going to avail because new life and routines, new schedules on university and just thought some things I should have in mind this year:

  • Abstract Book: beyond every notebooks you need to have a little book or notebook for you to resume every matter you study in class for when you read and you know you're ready for the test or exams, you can with your own words what you've learn and be more ready so your brain can be more quick to answer questions.
  • Agenda: To keep organize you definitely need this one to help you not forgetting important days, events, tests, exams, whatever. Really helpful!
  • Snacks: Very important not to skip meals so if you not have time to take a break and going eat, which you should do actually, you eat during studies!
  • Music: YES some people don't need music but if you like listen to music during studies I recommend you keep doing it because music can stimulate your brain while your studying and if you're looking for some advices about what kind of music you should listen, you might listen classic music, some Bach or Beethoven would be nice or just instrumental music, just piano and violins whatever you like. Try it 
  • Water: Keeping yourself hydrated is very important!
  • Markers: Not to lose the important things and always know where to find it
In my next post I will be doing "what's in my bag - Back to school edition" and showing you guys what I have in my bag at this time of the year, back to school.

If you're looking at the title of this post and you're reading "New Dance Teacher" and you're asking what the heck? Well this is other exciting new! I will be the next teacher of hip hop style in the academy that I've been this year learning contemporary. I will be teaching the intermediate hip hop class! And I will have my first class TODAY and I'm super excited hopefully I can be the official teacher soon so wish me luck guys!

Also I am really considering starting a youtube channel, becoming a youtuber actually because I am kind of embarrassed girl and for university I can't be like this anymore, I need to loose this fear so I though it could be a great idea for me to start being a youtuber and it would help me on this!

That's it for today!
It's great news for me and I really wanted to share with you!

see you next post

xoxo <3

sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015


Well Hello pretty people!
I'm sorry for not posting recently but I had a few crazy weeks not only dedicated to getting to uni but also dedicated to expand my dance knowledge so I got my pass for this contemporary summer course with the one and only Liliana Garcia, the winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 2 Portugal! 
I went with my friends from the dance academy and I really had a great time! She is stunning, a great teacher and a very nice girl! Also she is very demanding but is being demanding that she won the show right? 

I made a few things there that I've never thought I could do! She had a great connection with us and she knew how to share her passion about dance and her thoughts about it which amazed me. She inspired me to continue to dance, she fueled my passion for dance even more! I am now obsessed with contemporary dance style and I am practising my stretches, which is a thing that I should have started earlier but...I'm pretty confident about it. Actually I got a calendar with my "to-do" list so I have a control that what I did and what I still have to do and it's how it works people, if you want to reach THAT goal, you just gotta do what it takes to reach it like controlling yourself for not giving up - self control people!

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015


Hey there! Hope you're doing well.

Recently I've been following Zendaya's style and I love it, she makes it so fashionable but simple and classy and I love it so much! Check some outfits she's wearing recently:

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015


Hello everyone! How you've been doing? 

Today I have to talk about this incredible restaurant that I knew today. Today me and my brother we went to lunch with my grandparents and my grandma' told me today we were going to have lunch in a very interesting place and beautiful! When we arrive, what I saw was a very creative and original restaurant where the restaurant theme was about cars, old cars from 70s to 90s! How cool is it? Looking here gave me pretty much inspiration because since always I would like to create something like a restaurant with some main theme and seeing that gave me cool ideas for my future projects hoping that! I thought it so creative and so original... I have some pretty cool pictures that I going to show you right now down here, I took them with my iphone so I ask right now for apologize if some photos do not show great setting. Here we go:

Look from the outside:


The best part about the restaurant: a car inside the restaurant OMG

First image:

 chicken soup:

 little brother:





hope you liked it :)

xoxo <3

sábado, 1 de agosto de 2015


Hello guys! Hope you're having a great day/night!
Today I bring you just some new updates about last week!

I went shopping last week and I finally got my leather jacket that I wanted so much... I bought it at Stradivarius for 39,99€ and it's absolutely incredible, I love it! :)

Then I went to Zara store and I bought a great white scarf, very soft and warm, because I don't need more summer clothes and....I know it's sounds weird but I'm already preparing for winter outfits so I'm trying to figure some cool outfits for winter because it's what I need the most - winter clothing! I bought it for 12€

And the latest products are these amazing flash tattoos, I couldn't get the official flash tattoos but I bought these at Stradivarius as well for 3,95€ and I'm pretty satisfied with these tattoos! Now I'm obsessed with them! LOOK!!
And finally, this week I received from LR Beauty Products this fantastic pressed powder that cost 7,99€

Amazing products!
xoxo <3