terça-feira, 31 de março de 2015


Hey girls! Today I bring you some ideas of dresses you can wear at the PROM because if you are almost finishing High School you want to go to prom! And don't worry if you're single, you can have fun with your girl friends and have a great time together.

So, I searched about the main colors are used this year and most of the girls wear brighter color dresses, as white, blue, baby pink, grey and golden.

This year I think I don't have the chance to go to the prom, however I want you to know how I would dress for this event so here it is some of my favourites and some ideas:

I would wear something like this. I love the top with the lace around it and love the sleeves. I would like to feel like a princess and my dress would reflect it.

I love lighter dresses! She seems like a muse!

hope you liked it <3

sábado, 21 de março de 2015


Live life like you were Miley Cyrus! 

Hey everyone!
Today I brought for you some of life rules that everyone should have in mind to live a beautiful life. My inspiration for todays' post is Miley because I think she is a great woman and I love her since first time I saw her on Hannah Montana at Disney Channel and she has been a huge inspiration because she started to not care about what others think about her and she is enjoying life as much as she can. And we can start with the first rule of this Life Rules list inspired by Miley:


1st: Don't worry about what others will think about you - Not giving attention to the haters will give you power to keep being who you are and do things on your own using your intuition.

2nd: Loving yourself - Of course loving yourself for who you are is the most important rule because if you don't love yourself first you can't start looking for love and getting involved in society because that is society, a peoples' destroyer, a machine that destroys. So you must love who you are as first rule.

3rd: Smile - For living a fantastic life you just have to smile. Smile for everything! If its good or bad moment: if its good, smile because it happened, if its bad, smile because worst things happen only to the strongests and smiling will give you strenght for you to move on and keep "climbing"! ahah

4th: Dance/Sing like no one is watching - Dance and sing as much as you can, because dancing and singing will give you the opportunity for you to open your heart and spread your feelings while doing it! 

5th: Be honest with yourself - Don't force yourself to do something you really know it is bad for you to do or something that the others want you to do. Follow your head and heart and think about what you want don't forgetting what you are inside! 

6th: Spread love - Say "I Love You" to that special boy/girl or even to your family and friends! Let them know how much you care about them.

7th: Search for inspiration to maybe one day be an inspiration - Search everything that makes you happy and give you inspiration for one day you can be that inspiration and inspiring others.

8th: "Tongue Out!" - ahah that's right! tongue out for life, laugh, be a good girl and a bad girl. It is really important for you to have new experiences in your life but always with your mind in allert mood because bad things can happen so you must be attentive at life tricks!

9th: Care about your health - Keeping a good body is keeping a pure mind as well! Get out of your room and away from people to have your moment alone with the nature. It is really a helpful thing to do to clean your mind and spirit.

10th: Believe - Believe in your skills and soul to success in future and always surrounded by the ones who love you and those who can transmit a good energy and stay always positive about life even when bad moments happened. Create a state of mind that only you can reach!

xoxo <3 

segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015



In a relationship with a friend or boyfriend and girlfriend or even with your parents, it's really important for a strong relationship to communicate with the other, sharing opinions and talk about what you think about this or that and sharing your feelings. A relationship without talking is a dark relation because there is no connection between both and for making it strong, we need to talk, communication is one of the most important characters of a perfect relationship. However, not only talking about our problems or just talk and talk great relationships are about, is about communication YES but KNOWING HOW TO LISTEN the other as well is one of the most important things, in my opinion the most important. Because, learn to listen is important not into a relationship only but also for our future as citizens, as workers because we have to listen our boss reviews, our teachers or even parents opinion about something or when they criticize us in a way to make better something or change! In a relationship with a friend, learn to listen is very crucial because if you talk too much about you, your friend will know much more about you than you of him, and have you thought about that this friend of yours want to talk with you as well, talk about his problems, his life routine, when he is happy or sad, you will not know these things because you are always the one who talks and you don't let your friend talk so you don't know when he is sad or happy and you will not know how to help him! Your friend could be dying about telling you a great time of his life or he want to cry and he knows he has your shoulder and you for listen to him, but actually you are too busy talking! In a bf/gf relationship this is really important for keeping the connection between both and they with listening, they could learn new things about the other as well and the same as the relationship with friends. It is all connected! Learn to listen will help us to understand the others and while we listen we can learn and for example about the reviews, we can always try to make better, to get better day after day and why? Because we know how to listen! Societies should know this important rule for a better understanding between them for a better relation!

Just an advice!

hope you liked it!
xoxo <3

sábado, 14 de março de 2015


Known for his vines, this handsome guy is today the Hottie of this week! 
Do you know him ladies? And if you don't....you will know him now...! ahaha


xoxo <3

sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015


Sorry for not posting these days but I've been pretty busy with school and preparing me for exams and choosing universities which is a pretty hard mission! ahah However, today I'm going to show you 10 things you don't know about me Tag and I would like you to comment one of your 10 things that no one knows about you! Share with me if you'd like!


1. I am a really morning person: Most of the teens like to sleep until late hours but I really don't enjoy doing that! It makes me feel with no energy and also makes me think that I could have done so many things while I was sleeping...I'm weird I know!

2. I like classic and country music: Yes, I am all that hip hop girl that on her Ipod is all about Big Sean, Drake and Trap Music songs but I like slow musics as well and classic music is one of the type of music that I really enjoy, it makes me feel relax or it helps me thinking!

3. Pretty obsessed with perfumes: I have 6 or 7 perfumes on my beauty table, because I have a table where I put all my beauty stuffs and hair and skin care. I have Guess, DKNY, Justin Bieber's The Key (I love this fragrance), Carolina Herrera, Shakira perfume, Amor Amor Cacharel...But my favourites are Justin Bieber's The Key, Guess and Shakira perfume.

4. I am a happy person: A like to think positive and smile all the time because I think humans should face life with a smile and not giving up and always stay positive about life! Some people don't like me to smile all the time because it annoys them because of my happiness about everything! I have feelings too, I have bad days as everyone but crying around doesn't going to make me feel better or make things better. We just have to smile and stay optimistic for what comes next! It depends on human mentalities and spirit.

5. I am an "Inspiration fan": I like to search for inspiration on everything I do, see and listen. I love how a simple song have the power to inspire people just with her lyrics or melody. I like to watch, to observing everything, for example, the nature, dancers, the sea or even the sky! I think a lot of how we got here, how we humans got here into this "ball" called Earth. I am a person that likes to question but I keep my questions for me which I think is a defect of mine. But I like as well, not for searching inspiration only, but that will give me inspiration to inspire others which is a goal of mine too, inspiring people!

6. Some say I am too nice for people: Other defect of mine. Being too nice with people even for those who hurts me. I simply don't like people being sad, I just have to make them smile! But I have been working on that because this thing of mine brought me problems in the past where I was very anxious and nervous because of that but now I am pretty better that those times.

7. I love dogs!: I love how dogs are! Not because they are the cutest thing ever only, but their souls, how faithful they are to their owners! It is amazing seeing a dog that have a same heart as humans almost (yes it seems weird saying that but that is what I think) 

8. I don't have a fixed style: In terms of fashion, I can't say how my fashion taste is, I only say that I am a little bit of everything! I like the sporty girl style and classy style as well. I like to feel comfortable on what I wear, I'm not a high heels girl, I am more of sneakers and boots but I love high heels but I don't have any event or day to wear them.

9. My craziest dream is to go to space: Yes I would love to go to space! I don't know why, don't ask me about it, but I just would! ahah

10. Can't stop laughing: If a friend says something funny or tell me a joke which is funny, I start laughing so hard that I cry, and does not take much, just 10 seconds and I just start to cry laughing! ahah weirdooo

Okay guys so these are my 10 Facts About Me! I would like to know how you guys are - give me 1 fact about yourselves! See yah

xoxo <3