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Sorry for not posting these days but I've been pretty busy with school and preparing me for exams and choosing universities which is a pretty hard mission! ahah However, today I'm going to show you 10 things you don't know about me Tag and I would like you to comment one of your 10 things that no one knows about you! Share with me if you'd like!


1. I am a really morning person: Most of the teens like to sleep until late hours but I really don't enjoy doing that! It makes me feel with no energy and also makes me think that I could have done so many things while I was sleeping...I'm weird I know!

2. I like classic and country music: Yes, I am all that hip hop girl that on her Ipod is all about Big Sean, Drake and Trap Music songs but I like slow musics as well and classic music is one of the type of music that I really enjoy, it makes me feel relax or it helps me thinking!

3. Pretty obsessed with perfumes: I have 6 or 7 perfumes on my beauty table, because I have a table where I put all my beauty stuffs and hair and skin care. I have Guess, DKNY, Justin Bieber's The Key (I love this fragrance), Carolina Herrera, Shakira perfume, Amor Amor Cacharel...But my favourites are Justin Bieber's The Key, Guess and Shakira perfume.

4. I am a happy person: A like to think positive and smile all the time because I think humans should face life with a smile and not giving up and always stay positive about life! Some people don't like me to smile all the time because it annoys them because of my happiness about everything! I have feelings too, I have bad days as everyone but crying around doesn't going to make me feel better or make things better. We just have to smile and stay optimistic for what comes next! It depends on human mentalities and spirit.

5. I am an "Inspiration fan": I like to search for inspiration on everything I do, see and listen. I love how a simple song have the power to inspire people just with her lyrics or melody. I like to watch, to observing everything, for example, the nature, dancers, the sea or even the sky! I think a lot of how we got here, how we humans got here into this "ball" called Earth. I am a person that likes to question but I keep my questions for me which I think is a defect of mine. But I like as well, not for searching inspiration only, but that will give me inspiration to inspire others which is a goal of mine too, inspiring people!

6. Some say I am too nice for people: Other defect of mine. Being too nice with people even for those who hurts me. I simply don't like people being sad, I just have to make them smile! But I have been working on that because this thing of mine brought me problems in the past where I was very anxious and nervous because of that but now I am pretty better that those times.

7. I love dogs!: I love how dogs are! Not because they are the cutest thing ever only, but their souls, how faithful they are to their owners! It is amazing seeing a dog that have a same heart as humans almost (yes it seems weird saying that but that is what I think) 

8. I don't have a fixed style: In terms of fashion, I can't say how my fashion taste is, I only say that I am a little bit of everything! I like the sporty girl style and classy style as well. I like to feel comfortable on what I wear, I'm not a high heels girl, I am more of sneakers and boots but I love high heels but I don't have any event or day to wear them.

9. My craziest dream is to go to space: Yes I would love to go to space! I don't know why, don't ask me about it, but I just would! ahah

10. Can't stop laughing: If a friend says something funny or tell me a joke which is funny, I start laughing so hard that I cry, and does not take much, just 10 seconds and I just start to cry laughing! ahah weirdooo

Okay guys so these are my 10 Facts About Me! I would like to know how you guys are - give me 1 fact about yourselves! See yah

xoxo <3

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