segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2015



In a relationship with a friend or boyfriend and girlfriend or even with your parents, it's really important for a strong relationship to communicate with the other, sharing opinions and talk about what you think about this or that and sharing your feelings. A relationship without talking is a dark relation because there is no connection between both and for making it strong, we need to talk, communication is one of the most important characters of a perfect relationship. However, not only talking about our problems or just talk and talk great relationships are about, is about communication YES but KNOWING HOW TO LISTEN the other as well is one of the most important things, in my opinion the most important. Because, learn to listen is important not into a relationship only but also for our future as citizens, as workers because we have to listen our boss reviews, our teachers or even parents opinion about something or when they criticize us in a way to make better something or change! In a relationship with a friend, learn to listen is very crucial because if you talk too much about you, your friend will know much more about you than you of him, and have you thought about that this friend of yours want to talk with you as well, talk about his problems, his life routine, when he is happy or sad, you will not know these things because you are always the one who talks and you don't let your friend talk so you don't know when he is sad or happy and you will not know how to help him! Your friend could be dying about telling you a great time of his life or he want to cry and he knows he has your shoulder and you for listen to him, but actually you are too busy talking! In a bf/gf relationship this is really important for keeping the connection between both and they with listening, they could learn new things about the other as well and the same as the relationship with friends. It is all connected! Learn to listen will help us to understand the others and while we listen we can learn and for example about the reviews, we can always try to make better, to get better day after day and why? Because we know how to listen! Societies should know this important rule for a better understanding between them for a better relation!

Just an advice!

hope you liked it!
xoxo <3