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You have that special guy who gave you amazing moments and good memories you just can't forget and then he left and you have to forget him and move on because you realised he is not the one because if he were, he would never let you go and he did so you act like it doesn't happened and you try to involve with other guys to forget that special boy! 

Sweetie, How I understand you!!!!~

I've tried to forget this boy and everytime I'm not thinking about him, he decides to just come over my school visiting his friends! I know he could only trying to see his friends and stuff like that but it's hard when you want to forget a person and this person is constantly passing through you! 

You can cry at night, seeing his pictures on facebook or twitter, you can listen that song which reminds you of him and blame yourself to never give that chance to things actually happen with him but you can't do that!

I'm working on this problem right now because recently this boy came over me and just hugged me but when he came to give me a hug I felt his perfume that I love so much and it was like a flash on my mind and my body was shaking because I was so nervous! 

This just to remember you, you have to be smart, and keeping to tell yourself, you deserve better than just a moment, you deserve a life with better! 

I heard a quote but I don't remember where I heard that or when but it kept my attention:
"Love finds us when we fail to be perfect"

So, never lose your strengh and pay attention, but most importantly live day by day and don't worry about anyhting else! Do what you do everyday and you'll see there will be a special person who will pay attention to you!

xoxo <3 (sorry my english, I'm working on this ehhe)

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I'm just totally in love with these 8 young ladies! They are all very talented, they were in the finales of ABDC season 7 (AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW) and they are all freaking gorgeous and I call them mini Beyonces! This is...

      8 FLAVAHZ

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You must see this! Emma Watson talking about feminist! Women have the same rights as man does! Emma showed us with her inspiring speech!

PLEASE, you have to see this video

Pass the word !



I know, we all have moments when you just want to sleep all day long and forget about the world and cry, but I tell you one thing: the best thing you can do is to smile!

Smile is the strongest weapon you can use against sadness, against jealous, against every bad vibes!

Smiling gives you strength and other vision for the haters of yourself and haters just want to feel more superior than you and attention is all they want too.

So, everytime you smile not only you will say I'm stronger than you and you can't bring me down but also you will transmit the powerful image of you and the proud you have to just be yourself!

Believe in yourself and you will win, you will be a better person if you believe, you will sleep better, because you believe, you will laugh more because you believe!

Smiling doesn't mean you are happy only, it means also you are proud of yourself and you're loving be the person you are.

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I'm super addicted to "Gossip Girl"! I started watching the episodes after "Teen Wolf" ended and it had me addicted right after the first episode! I have a huge crush on this couple! Do you know them? ;D


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It´s time to introduce you the hottie of this week!
And of course I have to mention this gorgeous, classy and talented young man who have actually 17 years old!
He is a musician from Australia and moved with his family to LA just to make his dreams reality! He is now working with one of the most popular singers in the world - Justin Bieber - and I am tottaly proud of his work so far! So, after this, I announce the hottie is....




1. How did you feel getting your casting Polaroid shot by Vogue?
I was nervous and proud. I thought, How did I get here? How did a small-town girl from Brazil who wore T-shirts, ripped denim shorts, flip-flops, and ran around on the beach get into the big glass doors of Vogue? I didn’t really know how, but I was there and it was amazing.
2. What did you wear? Did you have a uniform you wore to castings?
“Keep it simple,” I was told. Simple clothes. Simple makeup. I couldn’t remember exactly what I wore until I saw the old photo! I wore a tank top, jeans, heels to lengthen me, and barely any makeup.
3. Do you remember anything out of the ordinary about that day?
I was super aware of everything that day. My mind was racing, yet I was very clear-headed at the same time while I waited with dozens of other beautiful young women. I felt better when I realized that everyone was in the same place I was. It helped me feel less anxious.
4. Did you prepare for it in any special way?
I wish I could have slept! The day before I met my agent, I had a healthy meal and spent a low-key night at home with a skin-brightening mask. I tossed and turned all night, though.
5. How have you changed since then and what have you learned?
I’m much more confident now. I think it comes with experience. You learn what is important and what works for you physically and emotionally. You win some and you lose some, and there’s always going to be someone different than you, but you have to focus on being the best version of yourself.
6. What advice do you have for models attending castings?
Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the other people around you. It’s daunting, but feel confident in your own abilities. As I was once told, “Keep it simple and classic. Show your personality and let your inner beauty shine.”


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My part of the story

Dance is my passion! I dance since I was 4 years old when I first entered a ballet academy. After since, dance became my crush and my second world!

How then started studying music and piano lessons went on, I also started to like it and started dancing less. I love music yes, but did not feel "fulfilled" so to speak with that and decided to go back to dance and learn new styles. Until I discovered hip hop and then that's where the passion for dance has increased to 200%! Without realizing it, gave my all to learn more and more each passing day and it excited me even more and I felt complete and free when she danced. Over the time I realized that was what I loved to do and that piano would not be my thing. So, I left the piano and dedicated more will dance and also because as I entered the Music Conservatory Calouste Gulbenkian and training schedules and classes undermined the school, decided to finish my 3rd year at this school and out.

Started to improve myself in hip hop style and found lots of fantastic dancers who gave me great inspiration to continue, watching lots of dance films, one could say that would be obsessed with these films as "Fame" and "Step Up" among others. Increasingly encouraged my mind to continue dancing.
There was a time when I was so obsessed with dance let me go down in school and my grades went down and that's when the problems started. I had to learn to distinguish between my duties and passions! First of all comes from education and then our dreams, so advice to all, never leave school, because we have the opportunity to learn from professionals, we have materials, we have everything while many young people in countries less developed weep because they dream at some time in their lives to study, learn things until they ask for homework! Nearly banned me from dancing only because of this, but I did not want to give up what I loved to do more! So I convinced everyone that I could do both and
reconcile things. Until a moment I thought, "Why can not I take advantage of dance and use it to my advantage in other situations? Because after all, existed through the dance movements, actions, feelings we experienced during the life!" Then the dance became for me a haven where I would draw strength, inspiration for solving problems or for example change the way of thinking in relation to any matter or even to study (believe it or not)!
So, I leave you some advice, take advantage of what they can and use in your favor because it can be that missing piece of inspiration to get to where you want to go!



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To all who will return to classes tomorrow, I wish you a great year and work hard!
To inspire you, here are some outfits that I find fantastic for the start of classes:


Our Sara Sampaio is one of the faces of the book of James Russell called "Angels" by Victoria's Secret.

Congrats SARA! 


Yes, Marc Jacobs decided not to use makeup on their models! It is probably the only one in New York where they apply any makeup!

Link information here:,32955

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One of the most idolized muses of the fashion world is the British Kate Moss.

Discovered just 14 years and became known with his first entry in the Calvin Klein campaign in the 90s.

It is now 40 years old, the second highest paid model and has participated in numerous campaigns, is the most photographed and the most copied.

One of the muses who inspire me more!


I like to inspire me in IT GIRLS able to make my own personal style!
My style goes through casual, chic and hip hop style when I customize my style inspiring me in menswear.
These are my 4 It Girls:

 1: Gigi Hadid
 2: Alli Simpson
 3: Zendaya
4: Kylie Jenner



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We wish this excellent actor a very happy birthday! Actor from TEEN WOLF turns 40 today.




Alli Simpson is 16 years old, sister of Australian singer Cody Simpson, and is a singer, model and actress. I personally admire a lot because with only 16 years, always manages to surprise us with their generous words and deeds of compassion and that is what makes it so genuine as well as his brother who also admire so much! I'll post more about the Simpson family :) 

But now we do not speak of it and we move to the action with the fantastic fitness exercises in this case inspired by the ballet that raises you and prepares you: D

xoxo <3

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This letter is to go all the social networks. Shared by

(This letter touched me emotionally)


Dear Replacement,
There are a few things I think you should know, as you are now the object of his affection.
Don’t let it surprise you, how quickly you fall for him, and don’t be apprehensive in letting yourself fall. He’ll be there to catch you. Don’t let my Facebook page intimidate you. There were a lot of pictures of us, and while I hate to admit it, the pictures are a thing of the past.
He’s taken down most of them by now. He may not talk about me to you; he didn’t talk to his friends about it when it ended, so I don’t know if they will know either. It was a beautiful, one-sided love story of the past, but you are his future now.
We don’t know each other, and I am sure you already don’t like me. I resented you slightly when I first found out, but we do have something very wonderful in common, and it connects us whether we like to admit it or not.
I won’t text him or like his posts on social media. I can’t tell you every secret because it took me time to figure that out myself. But just trust that there are reasons he doesn’t say what you want him to, and there are reasons he doesn’t do what you want.
He will spoil you from time to time, but he is wise with his expenses; he spends money only when he needs to. You are going notice how he gets excited like a child when it comes to certain things and learn to hear giggle in his laugh.
You’ll find out his favorite movie and he’ll make you sit through it; I know I couldn’t without falling asleep. You’ll notice how he loves watching movies and how he might do it more than going out.
You will see him out drunk and he’ll get mad sometimes. He has a temper, as I’m sure you have noticed, so don’t take it personally. When he storms off, let him go and trust he’ll always come back with a smile and his bright blue eyes that make you look away.
When he falls in love with you, let it not scare you when he cries because that’s the one thing that triggers those emotions in him. When he falls in love with you, you’ll notice you sleep better at night, and when it rains, his touch simply will vanish every fear.
When that happens, you’ll almost look forward to simple things, such as walks because he’ll reach for your hand and you’ll blush because no glove has ever fit it so well.
He’ll do whatever you ask of him and you’ll rarely fight. He doesn’t like advertising things like relationships and feelings, so don’t expect that of him, just know he does love you. He may not think of you at every moment, but you’ll cross his mind often enough.
He has bigger dreams than he is confident enough to believe in, so it’s your job to tell him every day how handsome he is and how smart he is and that he is capable of it all. He won’t believe you, but don’t stop saying it.
He’ll make you see the world in a new light, and you’ll start questioning things you never knew. He can’t cook, so don’t expect him to. You’ll find yourself laughing at his little catchphrases, and if you do something he doesn’t like, one eyebrow will raise and he’ll look at you without blinking.
When you two are out, he’ll watch you the whole time and it’ll seem like you are the only one in the room. When you dance, it’ll seem perfect. Let none of this scare you and love him the way he deserves. He’ll tell you about the past and his mistakes, so it’s your job to take his hand and let him know you’re not judging him.
He is a better person because of all of that, and he’s found you because of failed relationships in the past. I hope you love him the way he deserves and I hope he loves you as deeply as I thought he did me. I hope he’s honest with you in a way he never was with me, but most of all, I hope he gives you the fairytale I thought would once be my life.
Also: Remember that I don’t dislike you, but if I’m being honest, I am jealous of you. I have found acceptance, but I’m also happy someone else gets a chance to experience what I did.
I hope one day I can properly meet you. Like I said before, we have a connection that no one else can say they have and I’m sure you are a wonderful person. He looks at who a girl is first before falling in love with her appearance. It’s a rare quality in a man.
I only ask one thing of you: Don’t hurt him the way he hurt me. I believe in karma and I believe people get what they send out to the world, but I never wish that pain upon anyone, especially him. You are dating the man of our dreams and I truly mean it when I say I hope it all works out for you.
Sincerely, The Other Girl



Have boyfriends' sweater is an addiction for girls. There is some ideas on how to use it but with a feminine style!
Check it



In this week's hottie Erik Durm is the one.

Recently discovered this German football player with 22 years, left side for Borussia Dortmund.
This year belonged to the German team in the World Cup 2014 where he was crowned champion.