terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014



I know, we all have moments when you just want to sleep all day long and forget about the world and cry, but I tell you one thing: the best thing you can do is to smile!

Smile is the strongest weapon you can use against sadness, against jealous, against every bad vibes!

Smiling gives you strength and other vision for the haters of yourself and haters just want to feel more superior than you and attention is all they want too.

So, everytime you smile not only you will say I'm stronger than you and you can't bring me down but also you will transmit the powerful image of you and the proud you have to just be yourself!

Believe in yourself and you will win, you will be a better person if you believe, you will sleep better, because you believe, you will laugh more because you believe!

Smiling doesn't mean you are happy only, it means also you are proud of yourself and you're loving be the person you are.