segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2014


You have that special guy who gave you amazing moments and good memories you just can't forget and then he left and you have to forget him and move on because you realised he is not the one because if he were, he would never let you go and he did so you act like it doesn't happened and you try to involve with other guys to forget that special boy! 

Sweetie, How I understand you!!!!~

I've tried to forget this boy and everytime I'm not thinking about him, he decides to just come over my school visiting his friends! I know he could only trying to see his friends and stuff like that but it's hard when you want to forget a person and this person is constantly passing through you! 

You can cry at night, seeing his pictures on facebook or twitter, you can listen that song which reminds you of him and blame yourself to never give that chance to things actually happen with him but you can't do that!

I'm working on this problem right now because recently this boy came over me and just hugged me but when he came to give me a hug I felt his perfume that I love so much and it was like a flash on my mind and my body was shaking because I was so nervous! 

This just to remember you, you have to be smart, and keeping to tell yourself, you deserve better than just a moment, you deserve a life with better! 

I heard a quote but I don't remember where I heard that or when but it kept my attention:
"Love finds us when we fail to be perfect"

So, never lose your strengh and pay attention, but most importantly live day by day and don't worry about anyhting else! Do what you do everyday and you'll see there will be a special person who will pay attention to you!

xoxo <3 (sorry my english, I'm working on this ehhe)

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