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My part of the story

Dance is my passion! I dance since I was 4 years old when I first entered a ballet academy. After since, dance became my crush and my second world!

How then started studying music and piano lessons went on, I also started to like it and started dancing less. I love music yes, but did not feel "fulfilled" so to speak with that and decided to go back to dance and learn new styles. Until I discovered hip hop and then that's where the passion for dance has increased to 200%! Without realizing it, gave my all to learn more and more each passing day and it excited me even more and I felt complete and free when she danced. Over the time I realized that was what I loved to do and that piano would not be my thing. So, I left the piano and dedicated more will dance and also because as I entered the Music Conservatory Calouste Gulbenkian and training schedules and classes undermined the school, decided to finish my 3rd year at this school and out.

Started to improve myself in hip hop style and found lots of fantastic dancers who gave me great inspiration to continue, watching lots of dance films, one could say that would be obsessed with these films as "Fame" and "Step Up" among others. Increasingly encouraged my mind to continue dancing.
There was a time when I was so obsessed with dance let me go down in school and my grades went down and that's when the problems started. I had to learn to distinguish between my duties and passions! First of all comes from education and then our dreams, so advice to all, never leave school, because we have the opportunity to learn from professionals, we have materials, we have everything while many young people in countries less developed weep because they dream at some time in their lives to study, learn things until they ask for homework! Nearly banned me from dancing only because of this, but I did not want to give up what I loved to do more! So I convinced everyone that I could do both and
reconcile things. Until a moment I thought, "Why can not I take advantage of dance and use it to my advantage in other situations? Because after all, existed through the dance movements, actions, feelings we experienced during the life!" Then the dance became for me a haven where I would draw strength, inspiration for solving problems or for example change the way of thinking in relation to any matter or even to study (believe it or not)!
So, I leave you some advice, take advantage of what they can and use in your favor because it can be that missing piece of inspiration to get to where you want to go!


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