quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2014


Hey girls! 
Christmas is almost here and we want to be in our best to have the greatest time with our family. 
Here it is some ideas for christmas dinner outfits and comfy outfits to spend a great time in family!

These are my favourite outfits for a great Christmas dinner. You can add a warm jacket and a pretty necklace. It will keep the outfit simple but classy. 

 Then we have the outfit after dinner or the day after Christmas because I spend two days with my family, day 24 and 25. And at the day 25, I like to wear a comfy outfit and if you do the same, these are my favourite examples for that. I love this warm leggings, there are very comfortable, it's like you are wearing a pajama pants! You can find these cute leggings at Primark at 10EUROS and the sweaters at also Primark and H&M for 15/20 EUROS And then you add a cute sweat to your outfit, some warm shoes and you are ready to spend a really lazy afternoon with your family eating lots of sweets and drinking hot chocolate :D YEWWW

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed it.
I would like to know your favourite outfits for Christmas time. Let me know and comment your best ideas if you want to :D

Merry Christmas everyoneeeee!!

xoxo <3