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Escoliadas | The Best Part About High School

Okay guys, today I decided to talk about a huge event here in my city that includes all of the high schools here! It is kind of a competition between them and the winner will win a cash prize to help the school in school supplies that need. However, it is not just a simple competition, we spend time to dedicate on things we love to do. This competition evaluates various categories: music/dance , acting , paint, presentation and cheerleader group! We spend a whole year thinking about our project, we have to decide a topic we think it have to be focused and we just have to interpret and show the audience our vision according the selected topic. It can be anything, for example, my school last year chose "blindness" and addresses the problems of humanity to be blind to reality! With our effort and dedication, my school managed to win the edition of 2013 and 2014 and we expect more dedication and motivation for this year. 

As I was saying, this is not just a competition, it is much more than that! More than 20 schools are competing with each other but more than that they make friends, they find new friendship which only "Escoliadas" can give! The feelings we have before, during and after the event are the best feelings we ever had! I love those stress before the show at night, with all the rehearsals with the production team and with the other schools and just being on that stage and looking for the empty chairs, it is the best sensation a performer can feel. The pressure of getting dressed and make up and making sure it is all in their right places and the last check on choreography... Then we have a moment when all schools get together into a room and we are meeting each other with games that the production does for us to meet all. After dinner is when the pressure is bigger and I really love that time because I don't know what I have to do, if I laugh, if I cry, I am totally lost ahah! And then is our turn to get into the stage and the curtains down and the crowd screaming the last words of motivation between our team, we hold hands and say those few words that are a few but are inspirational! We are in our position and suddenly the music starts and the magic happens. 

So I really have to thank "Escoliadas" for everything they do because for me it is the best part of high school and I am excited the whole year just for this event and this year is my last :( So I am going to enjoy it as much as I can and I won't forget these moments! Thank you

If you want to check our choreography click down here:

xoxo <3

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