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Favourite Memories With My Friends

Happy Sunday to everyone (even though I am sick!). Well guys, today I bring you some of my best memories with my friends. Everyone has those crazy memories about crazy things that you did with your besties! Today, I would like to share with you some of my best memories with my homies!

Memory 1:


My 17th birthday last year! After rehearsals for "Escoliadas", I made a sleepover at my house with this ladies. We made dinner, we laugh, we watched movies, we sang, we danced, we had an amazing night! And when turned midnight they scared me screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me ahahah. They are insane! 

Memory 2:


After sleepover at my house, this girl and I went to our second show at "Escoliadas" with the rest of the crew. At my birthday I went to rehearsals for the event and I was completely surprised by my team mates with a cake they made for me and they sang happy birthday to me at the rehearsals room and then after that I started playing a joke with my team mates saying that they had to sing me happy birthday on stage next day and I wanted a cake and balloons and candies and they started laughing! The next day, the show day, we finished dancing and was almost the end of the show, the time for "thank you" to the people that supported us and was our turn to thank and suddenly my bestie that you see on the left, she asks for the microphone to my teacher and she started talking to the crowd ( almost 300 people in the crowd ) and she ask them to sing to me happy birthday and the whole room, those 300 people started sing happy birthday to me! It was crazy, I started crying inside, I was really happy! This girl is crazy! Love yah chummy, you gave me an unforgettable birthday! Thank you <3

Memory 3:


These were three of my dance mates of my school and we went to the nationals representing our school and those two days were incredible with lot of fun! We went to the beach, we slept all together and they started pranking some people, we made new friendships! They are incredible! I miss you all!

Memory 4:


When we are rehearsing and preparing everything for the show, we are crazy, we laugh more than any day at a normal week. This day was at the day when we were preparing the wearing clothes for the show! We wear all clothes and started to take pics and painting the clothes... ahahha crazy!

Memory 5:

After Nationals we had to be in the replay of "Escoliadas" the next show in 1 hour and then we traveled by car at high speed to get to show the time and we act! During the trip, we had to get dressed and then we were all dressing in the car, clothes flying everywhere and we did not care who was watching us dressing! ahhah Completely insane!

Memory 6:


I used to plan some sleepovers at my house with all these people! One day I planned a sleepover at my house and we were 7 people in a room! It was during summer and I had a swimming pool on my yard and at midnight we went to the pool and then we laid on the floor watching the stars above and telling stories and jokes! It was really fun! 

Memory 7:


This event are the best part on high school because we can do what we love to do, that is dancing, acting and "Escoliadas" is the best event ever on high school! I love the moments I have with my team mates and being on that show and that stage is the best feeling ever!
I talk about "Escoliadas" in some posts back so if you want to know a bit more about this event Click Here

These are some of my favourite memories with my friends! I have so many more but I would be hours telling you every story with them!
Do you have some favourite memory and you would like to share with me? Let me know then, write down below you favourite memory with your friends
Hope you liked it
xoxo <3

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