quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

My Advices From Me...To My 16 Year Old Self!

Oh dear Mariana! 

Do you really know the world? I mean the real world? You think you actually know it but the truth is you don't!

The age of 16 was what you've always dreamed. Well, think twice, because better is coming for you beautiful!
Young and curious but you don't understand the reality you are living in!
16 years old but you have a mentality of more! Young but still waiting for the better time to shine. You already have your first love, the real one, true friends, unforgetable moments, gifts you are blessed for... But you already have that sad moments with the hardest tears you've ever cried...

So this is me sharing some advices from the future: 

1. When you ever want to cry, don't be afraid to do it and those who loves you truely, they are not gonna see you as a weak person, they're gonna see you as the strongest person they ever met!

2. If you want to say it, say it, don't be scare to express your feelings for something or for SOMEONE! Who knows that person feels the same about you.

    3. Do not do what others dreamed to have done, or what they expect you to do. People will always be expecting more from you but it is you who have to decide

    4. Keep your savings! You don't know when you really gonna need it.

    5. Watch less TV and read more books. Books are the best way to live a dream and you can any time live it again just reading!

    6. Take care of your skin. Teen skin is horrible with all that dirty pimples, so make sure you have that skin care routine.

    7. Buy less and choose better about clothes! Keep that wardrobe organized and think about what you really want to wear! Choose carefully!

    8. HUG AND SMILE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Everybody needs a hug or just a smile to make their days, and you can always be what they need.

    9. Try to do something you've never done! Make a list of things you would like to do.

    10. Study harder! You need that grades!

    11. And last but not least, dream big, make plans for your up coming future! And be happy every day!

    Hope you like it! 
    xoxo <3