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The word success has lot of meanings but only a few are near to the correct and the honest meaning. 
Success is about waking up in the morning with the excitement only just thinking about what you have to do that day!
Is not about money or fame...

Is waking up with so much joy, smiling so hard that it give you the enough energy to get you off the bed!
You feel happy just thinking about your day and what you have to do.

People who do what they love every day are those who smile more! You have to do what you love because it will bring you so much happiness and a better vision about life! 

You have to live your life! No one else will do that for you because it's your life and life is too short for ordinary things, silly coffees and boys who don't care! ahaha xx

As Miranda Kerr refers in her book, the quote by John R. Wooden:
" Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self- satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming".

Success is being happy doing what we love, that we are completing that empty space in our souls and that is one of the most fantastic sensations you will ever have. Feeling your soul being completed with dreams that are becoming reality! 

Things I advice every single one of you who are trying to found your happiness:

  • First, if you like doing something like dancing, painting, singing, anything else that makes you feel happy and complete at the end of the day, DO IT because life is about this, doing what you love will bring you success in the future!
  • If you feel down, unmotivated, think about positive affirmations as: " I am awake, alive, and full of energy" and " Positive mind will bring me Positive life!" Positivity is all you need for believing!
  • Being supported: You have to feel that circle of love and support from people you love the most, could be family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends, you dog, your cat, every one! You don't need to have that much of people, if you have that special person you absolutely love and you know that person will be there for you no matter what, then you don't need anyone else!
  • Believing you can do it! You have to trust in your abilities and  self- strength first before you move on for the next step. You have to accept yourself because if you do, when you fail because not every moment are full of good moves, will bring you bad moments as well so be ready to face them, you know what you're capable of and people who know you will know too so negativity doesn't worth your time! GET BACK HATERS!
  • And last but not least, go to bed at night and before sleep, say to you " I will give more of my best tomorrow!"
              LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH

              xoxo <3

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