domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014


Every girl had her first kiss, her first true love and true love should never be forgot!
I had mine, and it was the best moments in my life, feeling that you are loved, the first feelings, I mean, the true feelings - your heart beating really fast, butterflies inside your stomach, or even the whole zoo (ahah), feeling your breath so weak that  only kissing him and be in his arms, are the only way to return your breath again.
However, not all the first love is perfect. Some are special and perfect, some are more special but impossible! Well, it is not impossible, because we, humans, we make it impossible.
This love I´m talking about is the special but the impossible one. This boy was amazing, our ways has been crossed after two years and I had the little crush on him and that crush is now love.
He made me happy, he made me good! This was not an ordinary love, I felt it was special. Some people don't feel the same, some say it was just a simple moment that must be forget, but I can't, I simply can't! It is stronger than me! I felt that we were capable to speak and read the minds of each other. It was not like a love with words and acts! We were shy, I think, and we were afraid to love!
In those times, that I just wanted to go out, hoping to see him walking on the street. Just looking at him and seeing that perfect smile when he were looking at me, I felt that my day was complete. When he was hugging me, I felt I was the happiest girl ever, that I was safe there and I didn't want to leave from there. His kisses made me feel special, made me smile the rest of the day!
Everything was being perfect!
Now, we act like nothing happened, we pretend feelings! He left, I think he forgot and it makes me think he was joking, he is now laughing at me, making jokes from this.
Think it is time to forget to as he did, but I can't help it, it is stronger than me, than my own strength.
Guess I am better without him and he without me, and maybe it's true!

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