domingo, 28 de junho de 2015


Hey pretty people! How are you doing? 
I would like to give you some inspiration for today, just a little piece of advice for you to have a great day, a fantastic week, an amazing summer!

So we're in Summer which  means it's time for relax, to getting new inspirations, renew our energies, get new everything!

Time for you to connect with other environments, time to try new things, new adventures, meet new people!
It's a great time to discover yourself, get in contact with new vibes, new emotions which will give you a brand new way of seeing the real world, give you strength to face new problems.

I really like Summer because here is when everything happens, I feel like I'm a new person at the end of Summer. How weird is that uh?

Whatever, try to get new visions and strives you to be your best self and become better every day of your life.
For example, read that book you really wanted to read or just simply write one expressing yourself, it will give you the opportunity to open your mind and be honest, just you and your thoughts. Let go every feeling, every thought, every emotion!
If you like being between nature, like the ocean try to go to the beach, into the water, relax and concentrate not on people around but the water itself (I know it's sounds silly but believe me, you will be surprised with how your mind can be so pure and you will definitely feel you're human because you will be able to connect with mother nature and when this happens it is a miracle)! Or with the earth itself, if you like being between the forest, and the trees and flowers, just focus on birds singing, the wind blowing on the leaves of the trees, even the sound of your walk! 

I like to think about everything, questioning to myself, and sometimes I discover big things and I realize how great and unique this world is. Everything is for a reason, just like everything happens for a reason and humans should know those reasons to understand universe. In my view, only humans understanding this the world would be in piece, everyone loves everyone but that's the world itself, between war and piece, that is what define humans.

Well, this is my inspiration during this days and hope it can be yours too.
Hope you liked it! 

xoxo <3

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