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HEY GUYS! I'm really, really sorry for not posting this past weeks but now I'm on SUMMER HOLIDAYS OFFICIALLY because today my finals has finished so I am now free for more posting and for you guys! 

Let's get now to business!

Today I bring you some summer trends, but not just "trends", Australian trends! 
That's right!
This year I want to live summer as an aussie girl :D even though I'm not one but.... I've always loved the Australian culture, their style, their way to live life, I can say I'm a really huge fan of Australia, my dream trip would be to go to Australia, my dream life would be in Australia see!!

But now getting back to the subject...I chose some australian online shops that I think it's really cool and have great pieces for you to buy so that you can live summer as an aussie! 

First I love #Mollyandpolly shop: They have the most amazing swimwear in the whole world! As an European girl speaking...YES THEY HAVE! They are really pretty with beautiful shapes and colors and very cool patterns.Oh... If I could get all of them... But if I had to chose my favourites they would be the Love Heart Reef Hipster bikini, the Beach Baby Blue High Neck swimsuit, the Oracle bay High Neck Full swimsuit and the Big Pineapple Sand short bikini but OMG they are all so cute! So if you want to check them out, go to for more.

Then, we have amazing jewelry pieces for both man and woman. They are really simple but classy jewelry! Personally, I love the bracelets, they are simply gorgeous! Check it on their instagram account penelmccarthydesigns

And last but not least, we have the coolest and stylish skate boards: They are the PENNY SKATEBOARDS - I think everyone knows this skateboards! Different shapes and colors and the funniest thing is that you can design your own skateboard as you want. Isn't it cool? Check them at

And that's it! My three favourite online stores from Australia that you need to know for a great summer typically australian. :D
Hope you liked it!
Summer is already here so......LIVE IT!!!!!

xoxo <3

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