quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015


Hello guyssss!! I'm really sorry for not posting here but recently I had the final exams and i'm really focused on my future at university and trying to get things right and start a new student life so I'm getting ready for it and I've been pretty busy and concentrate at finding solutions for some problems and stuff. So I'm really sorry about being so distant from my blog! NOW I'm back and I'm on vacations...for now...so I better live summer soon as possible! ahah

TODAY I'm going to share with you some of essential things that I use to put in my beach bag when I'm going to the beach or pool and you definitely can't miss this few things :)


So first I can't miss this on my bag: my favourite sweat! I LOVE when I stay at the beach for a little longer so I can see the sunset, I really like to after a really good swim, wear my favourite sweat and I love the feeling of warm inside my sweat ahah it is just a comfy feeling

As a second piece, my skin protector because at a certain time of the day you need to protect your skin from UV so you must pay attention and make sure you you are protected!

Then I like to take moisturizer and moisturizing lipstick cuz' my skin is very dry after a day at the beach as well my lips so I hydrate them after and during the day.

My headphones and my phone with my favourite music are definitely a must in my bag

Favourite book at the moment: I'm now reading again the lovely bones by Alice Sebold! I really loved the story so I decided to read it again! BUT I'm also preparing for reading one of the best books this year GIRL ONLINE by ZOE SUGG, I'm really excited to read it

For my curly hair care, I use GARNIER oil to moisturize my curls after swim

And last but not least, my favourite sunglasses! 

And that's it guys! Todays post! I am recovering from those hard days of studying so now I'm trying to get new inspirations for new posts and if you have an idea of some subject you would like me to post about, please let me know and comment down below!

xoxo <3 
untill next post :)

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