sábado, 9 de maio de 2015


I'm so excited for this summer! I want to do everything I would like to give a try. 
Having other great moments with my friends, family and enjoying the summer.

So here it is my "To Do" List on the Summer of 2015:

  • Since the last 4 years I wanted to try SURF. I love going to the beach with my friends and when me and my best friends were together, we're always looking for hot surfers ahaha! But I actually would like to learn how to surf because I think it's fun!

  • ROADTRIP? YES! What teenager doesn't want to go to a roadtrip with friends and having some adventure together? Not going too far from home, but going to another city, another beach or just summer festivals together! Great time you will spend with all.

  • Every year at my house we like to prepare our pool for me and my brothers' friends when we want to make a small pool party and barbecues. So this summer, OF COURSE I will do some pool parties with my friends. I love when we stay at the pool until night and then we lay down on the floor with our towels looking at the stars in the sky...Super awesome!

  • Who doesn't want to find love at the beach or at a summer festival for example? I WANT!! Find that cute guy and have a summer love *.* uuuhhhh!!!!

  • Redecorating! Change anything you want or anything you would like to remove or add in your room. Be creative, be original, summer is the best time to do it. Or just painting, clear your mind through your brush and express yourself with art. You might be pretty amazed with how your mind can speak with you.

  • Long days with friends at the beach and see the sunset and then go home or having dinner out is some of things I really want to do this summer! 

  • Trying the greatest smoothies! To ace my taste buds new flavors with any fruit: Apple, strawberries, orange, mango, banana, ALL FRUITS! 

  • I love staying at home as well, relaxing and enjoying music. I appreciate those moments when there is only me in my bedroom listening some music and being on the computer. Sometimes we need these days to get some rest, get energy!

  • Shopping spree! Changing your wardrobe and getting some new inspirations on the outfits and piece of clothing in your fashion icons and idols but make it your own as always because it what's define you!

These are SOME of my top things to do this summer! Tell me one thing you would like to do this summer pls. Let me know your opinion!
Love yah :)


xoxo <3